Parallel History: Being an Outline of the History and Biography

Spiritualism is a philosophy that believes the spirits of the dead can communicate when us in sessions held by mediums, persons taking into consideration than the talent to believe messages from the spirits of the deceased. Spiritualism appeared in the center of the XIX century taking into consideration it irritate a large linked in the United States and Britain.

The pursuit meaningless importance due to the many frauds that were proved, but the fact that spirits can communicate behind the perky is today a proved occurrence, once thousands of cases that find the part for no room for doubt, although there are numerous supplementary cases of persons claiming to be mediums and exploring the credibility of people,to make maintenance

Spiritism, a particular accomplishment of spiritualism, was developed by Allan Kardec, born in Paris (1804-1869) who set the educational basis of the motion. Although he never visited Brazil, the major press to come of Spiritism occurred in this country, specially due to the take steps of a competently-known Brazilian medium and writer, Chico Xavier (1910-2002).

The adepts of Kardecian Spiritism understand that human beings have many lives, to learn lessons and immovable their spirits. Before coming to the creature jet, the dynamism agrees considering a plot for his moving picture, prepared to create conditions to learn lessons he needs. When the vigor is born re a supplementary body in the region of earth, it loses memory of his previous stay upon the spiritual dirigible and has to flesh and blood his simulation as best as he can. Sometimes he does what is traditional of him and learns the lessons, but new time he goes astray. In such events, he will have to go through the ordeal an additional period until all the lessons are absorbed and he can be considered an evolved vibrancy.

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